Jewish Genealogy in Argentina

Origin and Meaning of the Jewish Surnames - Finding relatives in Argentina

Jewish Genealogy in Argentina

Welcome to the fascinating world of the Jewish Surnames history. This website was conceived as a center to share the knowledge that each family has about the origin and meaning of its own Jewish surname. Anyone is allowed to post his knowledge and tradition.
It is NOT our intention to be a scientific or academic website, but a place to express and discuss the familiar traditions that tells the origin and meaning of surnames and probably to find distant relatives. This website is basically a discussion forum, with more than 55,000 threads. Each thread is a particular Jewish surname. Anyone can post a comment for the different surnames. The Moderator will verify each post to keep the order and to preserve the only rule which is to respect each other.
We have recently added the usefulness of consulting the database of immigrants to Argentina, burial records in the cemeteries of Buenos Aires and inland, census of Jewish agricultural colonies, Italian Jewish surnames, Jewish obituaries, passenger lists, Jewish marriages, Buenos Aires Jewish Directories and others. Through these amazing databases you will surely find relatives who have emigrated to Argentina.

Our Library

We have recently added the following books to our library:

  • Alexander Beider: A dictionary of Jewish surnames from the Russian Empire
  • Alexander Beider: A dictionary of Jewish surnames from the Kingdom of Poland
  • Alexander Beider: Handbook of Ashkenazic given names and their variants
  • Ministry of Culture: Huellas de la Colonización Judía
  • Alfredo J. Schwarcz: Y a pesar de todo... Los judiíos de habla alemana en la Argentina
  • E. Smolensky and V. Jarach: Tantas voces, una historia. Judíos italianos en la Argentina
  • Ricardo Feierstein: Historia de los judíos argentinos
  • Ricardo Feierstein: Vida cotidiana de los judíos argentinos
  • Boleslao Lewin: Como fue la inmigración judía a la Argentina
  • Haim Avni: Argentina y la historia de la inmigración judía
  • Simon Dubnow: Manual de la historia judía
  • Sofia Dubnow-Erlich: Simon Dubnow - Vida y Obra
  • Guía Anual Israelita de Buenos Aires 1947 (Buenos Aires Jewish directory of 1947)
  • Guía Telefónica de Buenos Aires 1960 (Buenos Aires phone directory 1960)
  • Guía Telefónica de Buenos Aires 1948 (Buenos Aires phone directory 1948)


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